Oct 16-20

Fall IMSA Certification Program

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Evergreen Resort

Cadillac, MI

Michigan Section



Michign section IMSA was recently able to secure moderators to enable a fall Cadillac certification conference.

The timeframe to register is short so you are encouraged to register and order current study guides right away.





It is our mission to provide certification programs for all agencies in need of certification/recertification.

The ability to conduct these programs is dependent upon moderator availability. 

The Michigan section needs more moderators plain & simple. 

Would you like to be a moderator?  If you are interested, there are benefits for both you and your employer.  


All moderators are required to pass a one day program called Educational Methodology

As an active moderator annual dues and recertication fees will be paid.

Your agency will enjoy reduced certification costs for your involvement.

As a moderator you will be paid mileage/lodging/food and receive professional fees of $350/day.


Is it time for you to join our ranks?  


Please contact Tim DeWitt for further information @



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